Tips to Succeed

Communicate as a team via Slack:

Licensing Your Code to Share Open Source:

Share your code on Github:

  • We prefer you share your code in the Code for HR Repository:
  • If you use your own repository, make sure the code is public

Make a quick video demoing your product:

  • Please include details such as the tools/platforms used, purpose, and outlook.
  • All videos are to be recorded in the Rappahannock room with Dani Concepcion.
  • Please coordinate with Dani before 11 A.M. on Day 2 to schedule your recording
  • Your recorded video will be used for legacy purposes and for those who may not be able to attend the final presentation.

You will need to make a Request for proposal outlining your product:

Request for Proposal Form

WE CAN HELP YOU WITH ALL THESE THINGS (including ideas), just come ask in person or using slack.

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