June 16th - 17th

We are challenging our talented DE staff to build the next generation of sales tools. This is our opportunity to empower sales with the same great technologies and innovations we deliver to our customers.

There are many ways we can improve sales and customer relationships. Whether they’re mobile apps, desktop apps, or new gadgets, it’s up to your team to decide what to build.

Each business will have the opportunity to send teams of up to 5 members with various skill sets to participate in this event. Teams that develop solutions that can be used across business lines bring the most value and will have the best chances of winning.

Talk to your Sales Reps!

In order to build products that are most relevant to the business, communication with a sales rep prior to the event or enlisting a sales rep as part of the team will give you a huge advantage. These are the folks using Salesforce and who are talking to customers every day.

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We took time to survey and gather information from our sales executives about the challenges they will be facing this year. By solving any or all of these challenges, you will be developing a real solution with real impact to our businesses.


  • -New or existing customers
  • -Market and customer performance
  • -Intelligent lead evaluation


  • -Reduce the number steps to complete a task
  • -Better visibility into the sales pipeline
  • -Quick access to actionable data

Data Quality

  • -Consistent and efficient data entry
  • -Reduce or detect data duplication
  • -Data integration and enrichment

Your app, website, or hardware project will be judged by three major criteria:

Revenue Generation

Will the solution generate new revenue or reduce current costs?


Does the team have a reasonable project plan for full implementation?


Is the solution easily adaptable to additional DE businesses (Plug and Play)?


Awards will be given to the projects that fall under one of the following categories. In addition to the grand prize, winning projects that are approved by business stakeholders will be given the time and resources to complete their project.

Best in Show

This tool meets two or more of the judging criteria: revenue generation, readiness for implementation, and adaptability to multiple business

Most Innovative

Awarded to the project that is most innovative and solves a business challenge with precision.

Most Polished

This tool or product has the best design and user experience.

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