This year`s event will be centered around a more Shark Tank style. With this in mind, there will be more to build than just a coding platform.

At Dominion Enterprises, we use the following stacks for our businesses:

Technology Stacks

M.E.A.N. – The MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js stack

M.E.R.N. – The MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, and Node.js stack. This is used my our division.

L.A.M.P. –  The Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, and PHP stack.

.NET (C#), Bootstrap, RDBMS, Entity Framework or NHibernate – This is used by our Dominion Dealer Solutions division

Marketing Stacks

Marketing follows a variety of different technologies for their day to day business. While there are no specifically defined “stacks” like there is for the Technology Stacks, here at Dominion Enterprises (and many other businesses around the country and world), demonstrating a proficiency in the following will put you in great standing for recruiter looking for Internships & for Full Time positions.

Business Stacks

Like with the Marketing Stacks section, there are no predefined “stacks” to follow, but if you are looking to either Intern or for a Full Time role in business, then showing a proficiency in the following will definitely help you move forward.

Hackathon Requirements

We will not penalize anybody for not using these stacks, but from a recruitment aspect, these are the stacks that Dominion Enterprises will be looking for proficiency in for interns, new hires, etc so it will definitely be in the best interest of teams to try and follow one of these stacks from their technology members. We would like to see your business ideas & plans to encompass as much as possible some aspects of the above stacks.

Hiring Managers at would definitely like to see proficiency with Javascript in anybody being considered for an Internship and/or Full Time positions.

Judging Criteria for this years Hackathon

Each judge will score each team on a 1-10 scale in the five categories:

Business Plan:

  • Mission Statement
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Strategy

Market Readiness:

Completed and operational; ready to launch as an MVP.


Project is creative and best demonstrates a new and original technology solution.

User Experience (UX):

Overall best functionality, usable and clear design.


Most impressive demonstration of product or app.

All scores are combined once judging is completed and the winning teams are identified based on the highest scores across all categories. In the event of a tie, the scores under Business Plan will be used as the tie-breaker followed by Market Readiness.