Hack Product | July 27th and 28th

What is Hack Product?

Are you a Dominion Enterprises or Dominion Web Solutions employee? This is our internal hackathon which is a chance to expand your skills by exploring emerging technologies and adapt innovative solutions. You can create products that are white labeled and potentially sold as a service. Take our products to the next level with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chatbots, Automation and more. Interested? Register and submit your device requests by July 10th via the registration form at the bottom of this page. The orientation lunch will be held on July 18th and Hack Product will take place on July 27th – 28th.

For details on forming your team click here.


Three of the projects that stand out from the rest will be awarded prizes. The prize money is to be divided evenly among the members of the winning teams.

The grand prize this year is $8k

Runner up is $4k

Third place receives an Amazon Show for each team member

Judging Criteria

Projects will be judged on their merits for their adaptability across businesses, revenue generation potential, project timeline, and theme alignment.


When developing your projects, consider the following: how many businesses will be able to use your service/product? Judges will be looking for adaptability across multiple businesses.

Revenue Generation

During your hackathon pitch, explain how your solution can generate sales or increase revenue for our businesses.

Timeline & Theme

How long will it take to make this product/service production ready? Does your project align with the Hack Products theme?

Possible Challenges

Here are example challenges — You may choose from a challenge listed here or come up with your own challenge.

Augmented Reality

A sales rep or real estate agent uses a smartphone with an augmented reality mapping application built using Vuforia, Google Tango, ARKit or any other AR framework, to create a 3D floor plan of an apartment or home for potential renters or homebuyers to make a more informed decision.


A long time motorcyclist is looking for a new bike. Using a Google Home assistant app they will receive daily or weekly updates about new offers for their dream bike powered by listings API.


A chatbot is utilized to automate managing relationships with end users (home, auto buyer or renter) on behalf of our customers. Is the chatbot intelligent enough to contact our customer directly if the conversation stalls?

Machine Learning

Use machine learning to train a set of data to identify which customers need the most attention or are ready to be upgraded to new products and services. This application predicts when a customer may cancel services and alerts sales team members to engage the customer.


As a sales rep plans their day, an application using the salesforce API maps out the best order of appointments for the sales rep to set to meet with their customers measured by return on investment.


Employees use Slack, Github, and Jira to communicate with each other. Using artificial intelligence or chatbots how can we create a more effective work environment using the APIs of our existing tools?

Preparation & Guidelines


All teams must consist of either DE only or DWS only employees.

Projects are portable to DE or DWS businesses.

Include a project timeline from prototype to production.


Practice coding with your requested device.

Setup your architecture/infrastructure.

Create a scope of work for the hackathon and stick with it during the event.

Please Don’t

Write any code before the event or put together your hackathon pitches/presentation slides.

Registration & Device Request Form

Up to 5 members per team. All teams must consist of either DE only or DWS only employees. Register early for device guarantee. Registration form available June 11th.

All devices are donated to the device lab after the hackathon. Teams may have to share devices if two or more are requested, to avoid overstock in the device lab.


Orientation – July 18th

Meet for our orientation July 18th at 12pm in the York room on the 20th floor of the home office in Norfolk. Lunch will be provided.

Hackathon – July 27 – 28th

Detailed Schedule coming soon.


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