A tool that compiles information into one place and evaluate the status of all powersports dealers.


Use Case
Dealership ABC Cycles wants a comprehensive view of how they are ranking amongst their competitors within a specific geographic territory (example: 90 mile radius of their dealership). Search results are compiled to review the following:

  • How do they rank online in regards to positive/negative reviews? I.e. Yelp, Google Places, etc.
  • How do they stack up against their competitors in regards to their social presence? I.e. How often are they posting content vs their competitors
  • How do they rank in regards to claiming their local listings vs their competitors?
  • How is their website/online traffic compared to their competitors? Who is using SEM in the market? Whos site is most optimized from an SEO perspective.


Powersports Online Reputation that evaluates the following for Powersports Dealers across the United States:
– Online Reputation Score: Yelp, Google Places, etc.
– Ranking of online presence of similar dealerships within a specific geographic area
– Social postings : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
– Status of claimed/unclaimed listings vs competitors
– Dealership address, phone number, hours of operation, members of staff, ownership, etc.


This concept would combining similar benefits of,,, etc. to compile data into one place that would prove helpful in gathering data to better position DX1 product offerings vs their competitors.


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