As a new developer, I want to understand specific design rational without having to rely on former team members. While comments can provide clarity, short explanatory text alone cannot provide enough context for a new developer that is still learning the codebase. The intention for this system is to retain esoteric knowledge in a easy to understand way.


Use Case
As a developer, I want to help another developer take over the project after me so that development does not halt when I leave. I want to do this in a way that is directly tied to the code, but does not clutter the codebase as clutter inhibits readability. For example, this could take the form of a footnote-type reference around the piece of code in question but is not restricted to this form only.


– Design this system for use within a GitHub repository
– Allow a user to see the extra information when viewing the relevant code snippet
– Allow a user to ignore the information to read the code as is
– Allow for the addition of another type of media like audio, images, etc
– Be able to download the codebase without this extra information




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