Challenge: Build a website that proposes unique domain names to potential buyers based on their geolocation, search term, search term geolocation or by leveraging a combination of data points.


Use Cases
User A located in Norfolk, VA searches for  Search results returned include the requested domain name plus suggestions that could include a variety of responses based on the logic used. original search term,,  synonyms of original search term,,,,  variants of original search term,, types of fish, suggestion based on primary search term user geolocation and search term combined, type of fishing, suggestion based on primary search term now we’re having fun


User B located in Chesapeake, VA searches for original search term,  variants of original search term, search term combined with common terms,,,  synonyms of original search term,,  transaction oriented terms, similar to “buy”,,, based on user geolocation search term combined with user geolocation



  • Use one of more of the following top level domains: .autos, .boats, .homes, .motorcycles and .yachts.


GeoNames API:
Google Maps API –
Donuts – RNS.Domains
Verisign –


Sample Data (Focus on the suggestions.  Not the price)
Registered Domain List
Reserved Domain List
Premium Domain List


Provided by Dominion Domains