Use Case

Photos can, and typically do, make the web beautiful. Photos of poor quality often have a reverse effect. To the eye, determining which photos are high quality is not that difficult. We look for clarity, color, and interesting objects. Giving computers this same vision is a bit more difficult. The challenge here is to analyze a group of photos and rank them according to quality.

MVP Requirements

  • Create a script or API service that can accept a photo or an array of photos and score them based on relative quality
  • Sort the photos according to their score
  • In your response, provide the basic metrics used for each photo. Ex: If your metrics are Exposure, Clarity, Color, & Size, offer the scores or some metric that exposes why the photo was ranked the way that it was.
  • Create a basic UI that allows a user to upload one or more photos and displays them in order of ranking.
  • Display the metrics used for each photo

Suggested Tools Yelp review data from Data Set Challenge