Use Case

As a hackathon organizer I would like to offer participants access to a promotional AWS account in which they will not incur any charges. After the event I would like to have a button I can click to burn down all of the infrastructure built by teams during the event. Before I can have that button though I need to collect all of the resources that will need to be burned i.e. the kindling.

MVP Requirements

  • Resources created by AWS Cloud Formation will not be identified for deletion.
  • An report is generated that details the resources running in the account by their Amazon Resource Name (ARN) and the ARN’s that resource is dependent on.
  • Resources can be discovered in any AWS region and zone
  • Dependencies between resources are identified.
  • Dependencies are logged

Suggested Tech Stack: Python, Boto, AWS Config, AWS Cloud Watch

Bonus Features

  • Resources in child accounts (i.e. not the payer account) can be identifed.