Artist – A person tagging a webpage, i.e. drawing on it.
Viewer – An end user consuming the art by receiving a link.
Palette – The area of a webpage the Artist has designated they want to draw on
Grafitti – The freehand drawings, text, and shapes added to the webpage by an Artist

User Stories (Use Cases):

As an Artist, I can open up a relatively small palette, so that the palette does not overlay much of the webpage.

As an Artist, I can trigger a palette to become visible on a webpage so that I can select a tool.

As an Artist, I can select to draw a line, box, or write text.

As an Artist, I can select/deselect to draw a line, draw a box, or write text, and then continue to draw.

As an Artist, I can send a link to a consumer, which contains the history of the commands so that a Viewer can view my art.

As a Viewer, I can click on a link to an artist’s webpage and the commands redraw the Artist’s portrait.

As a consumer, I can view a webpage without seeing a drawing.

MVP Requirements:
1.) Artists can create a palette.
2.) Artists can freehand draw on the designated palette area of the webpage
3.) Artitsts can type text on the designated palette area of the webpage
4.) The artists commands can be replayed by a viewer so the drawing/grafitti appears on the same webpage
5.) Artists can share their drawing with a viewer.

Suggested Technologies: Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI, HTML 5 Canvas Element, Grease Monkey, SVG, Adobe Flash