Use Case

An apartments complex’s property manager needs to create a new floor plan for their newly remodeled apartments. The rooms in the floor plan are defined as

  • A 10’ x 14’ living room
  • 2 10’ x 6’ Bedrooms
  • A 5’ by 5’ 6” Bathroom
  • A 5’ 6” by 2’ 6” pantry
  • A 5’ x 2’ hallway closet
  • A Kitchen with a non standard shape. There is a measurable 6’ x 6’ square and a 5’ x 4’ rectangular area in the kitchen. (See Diagram)
  • A 10’ x 12’ Master Bedroom
  • Attached to the Master Bedroom is a 10’ by 3’ 6” Master Bathroom

Floor Plan Example (2)

MVP Features

Admin Features

  1. A scale diagram of each room can be created by admins only
  2. Rooms can be dynamically placed relative to each other by admins only
  3. Doorways can be placed between rooms with adjoining walls by admins only.
  4. Permanent fixtures such as counters, bathtubs and toilets can be placed by admins only.

User Features

  1. Users can drag and drop icons to the floor plan representing furniture.
  2. Furniture icons can be scaled to match the scale of the floorplan by entering it’s dimensions
  3. Users can rotate furniture icons 360 degrees.
  4. Users should not be able to move fixtures placed by admins