Challenge #1 – Domain Name Suggestion Engine

Build a website that proposes unique domain names to potential buyers based on their geolocation, search term, search term geolocation or by leveraging a combination of data points.
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Challenge #2 – Using Social Signals to Predict Consumer Demand

  1. Devise a way to look for patterns in social network communications/comments to predict when a consumer might be looking for a specific type of good (i.e. a House, Car, etc)
  2. This data could help forecast future sales, or help our agents/broker prospect through their social connections.
  3. Could help agents find people in certain areas who may be willing to sell their home, etc.
  4. Could look for buying signals like job changes or promotions on LinkedIN, or specific types of comments on Facebook, or wishful posts on Instagram , etc.

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Challenge #3 – Build a “conversational” Search Engine to Interface With

Users are increasingly wanting a more conversational way to interact with their searches. Either on the website or via the ease of use of Amazon’s Dot, Echo, Show & Google’s Home. These devices allow an easy, hands free interface with websites and provide a simple interaction.
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Challenge #4 – Ticketing Ecosystem

As a ticketing system owner, I want to know trends in my tickets so I can diagnose underlying issues in my ecosystem, rather than just treating the symptoms. This could be analysis regarding the tickets themselves, the types of solutions employed to resolve the tickets, times to resolve issues, etc.
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Challenge #5 – Esoteric Knowledge

As a new developer, I want to understand specific design rational without having to rely on former team members. While comments can provide clarity, short explanatory text alone cannot provide enough context for a new developer that is still learning the codebase. The intention for this system is to retain esoteric knowledge in a easy to understand way.
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Challenge #6 – Reputation Fuel

A tool that compiles information into one place and evaluate the status of all powersports dealers.
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