Challenge #2 – Ride Green Hampton Roads

Create an app or website that helps find and access clean transportation solutions.


  1. Help Educate Norfolk Bicyclists about the Elizabeth River Trail and address potential issues:
    • It is difficult to locate the trail.
    • It is difficult to navigate the trail – missing signage, trail closures, etc.
    • Locations of amenities are unknown – benches, bike racks, water fountains, bike maintenance
      stations, etc.
    • Local businesses along the trail are not promoted.
  2. Analyze Bike data to figure out the most commuted and safest routes
  3. Organize a ride share program to help people find & share rides.
  4. Create a prototype installation to track the HRT bus at each bus stop.

Potential Resources:

 Elizabeth River Trail  An Urban biking and pedestrian trail in the City of Norfolk, transformed from several former railroad rights-of-ways.  About | View
 Strava API  ride a segment (specific section of road or trail) and compare your effort against past efforts  About | View
 Map My Ride (Under Armour API)  Map Your Route or find new routes to try  About | View
 HRT Bus API  Realtime bus locations and routes via HRT  About | View
 nuride  Tracks and Rewards Clean Riding  About Contact nuride for access
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