HackU3-codey-fullcolorThree times a year, Dominion Enterprises hosts a Hackathon.

What is a Hackathon you might ask? An event, typically lasting a few days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming.

Dominion Enterprises hackathon series consists of a university focused hackathon,  an internally focused innovation hackathon exclusively for our employees and finally we host an external community focused public hackathon. Each event has a unique theme and includes a team based format. We strive to make the events original, fun and enjoyable by all participants. We like to encourage diverse teams. Anyone is welcome!

As a host we provide two days of free food, workspace and experimental development fun! One of our goals is to prevent ‘brain drain’ by reaching out to the community and local universities while creating a fun, innovative place to work. The events are organized by Dominion Enterprises TTAG (Technical Talent Acquisition Group).

Our Next Event…

Hack to Help Hampton Roads – A Community Based Hackathon
Friday, October 23rd & Saturday, October 24th, 2015

In October, along with Code for Hampton Roads, Dominion Enterprises will be hosting their 12th hackathon event, “Hack to Help Hampton Roads”.   Hack to Help Hampton Roads is a community based event that is open to the public. Teams will be presented with a list of Challenges to choose from, each helping to solve a problem or issue within Hampton Roads. Friday and Saturday morning will be slotted for development and design, with the idea/product being presented on Saturday for a chance to win major prizes.

This hackathon has a few primary goals:

1.  Build an idea/product that would benefit the Hampton Roads community
2. Encourage creativity through the development of ideas & software
3. Network with local user groups and other businesses/organizations to continue building the local IT community

Participants will be able to register full teams of no more than 6 people or as individuals (we’ll help find you a team).

Teams will compete for the following awards:
Best in Show – Simply the Best! (Most Innovative & Ready to Use, with a Sharp Design)
Community Impact – creative use of technology to immediately impact the community
Sharpest Look – aesthetic and appealing UI/UX

Current Chair Members:

  • Event Chair – Brandon Beigay, CycleTrader.com & RVTrader.com
  • Event Co-chair – Daniel Burke, ForRent.com
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