Challenge #1 – Volunteer Hampton Roads

Create an app or website that helps connect volunteer opportunities to people.


1. Connect Give Pulse & Volunteer Hampton Roads through API Interaction

2. Allow people to find volunteer opportunities (dates and times), and allow them to sign-up to help

3. Address Food Insecurity by showing resources to food pantries with open hours. Include a want/need list.

4. Provide transportation solutions to get to volunteer events through public transportation or a bike route, with a possible bike share program

Potential Resources:

 GivePulse API  A community platform for your service, volunteer,
educational and engagement needs.
 About | View Contact for access
 Volunteer Hampton Roads  CONNECT, EQUIP, & MOBILIZE VOLUNTEERS  About | View Contact for access
 United Way  Volunteering is your opportunity to contribute your time and talents to create lasting, positive change in our community.  About
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